2024/04/05 [Season 5] Info For New Shop Items (4/4 PDT | 4/5 CEST)

New items have been added to the shop
as of 4/4 PDT | 4/5 CEST!
Keep an eye out for any items that catch your fancy!
*Items with no listed sale period will be purchasable until the end of Season 5.

Amazing Deals on Items!

✦Spring Campaign Special Set

A set with tons of special items is here!
It’s limited-time only, so don’t miss your chance!

Sale Period: Until 4/18 22:59 PDT | 4/19 07:59 CEST

✦Spring Campaign Accessory Set

A set of amazing items that you can buy with Zeni has arrived!
It’s limited-time, too, so check it out at once!

Sale Period: Until 4/18 22:59 PDT | 4/19 07:59 CEST

✦Gohan (Adult)’s Supreme Kai Outfit Costume Set

A bargain set featuring the clothing Gohan wore during his training on the Sacred World of the Kai!

▼Set Contents
・Gohan (Adult)’s Supreme Kai Outfit: Top
・Gohan (Adult)’s Supreme Kai Outfit: Bottom
・Gohan (Adult)’s Supreme Kai Outfit: Feet
*Individual parts can be purchased separately.

✦Gohan (Kid)’s Outfit Costume Set

A bargain set featuring the clothes Gohan wore as a kid!

▼Set Contents
・Gohan (Kid)’s Outfit: Top
・Gohan (Kid)’s Outfit: Bottom
・Gohan (Kid)’s Outfit: Feet
・Gohan (Kid)’s Outfit: Accessory
*Individual parts can be purchased separately.

Other Items

✦Accessory: Potara (Blue), Potara (Blue, Left Ear), Potara (Blue, Right Ear)

These earrings are stylish whether you choose to wear them on both ears or just one!

✦Accessory: Z-Sword

Carry this sword with you so you can use its incredible power against the Raider!
You can get it for a great deal as part of the Gohan (Adult)’s Supreme Kai Outfit Costume Set!

✦Emote: Meditation

Contemplate the battle ahead and refine your strategy!

✦Emote: Attention!


✦Custom Voice: Zamasu & Goku Black

Evolution Stage 1: Zamasu
・Oh, very well, then.
・I’m going to be sleeping soundly tonight.
・I can sense it… Power, overflowing.
・Heh heh heh… That is quite amusing.

Evolution Stage 2: Goku Black
・Hmm? Why continue with this resistance?
・Was it your soul that cried out to me? Begging to be set free?
・No need to rush. Let’s enjoy ourselves.
・The one and only mistake amongst all divine creations: That is what mortals are.
・You think you can win just because you want to so badly? You cannot defeat me with raw emotion alone.

Evolution Stage 3: Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
・Yes… You’re just the appetizer.
・Now watch, as I consume the main course and rise to an even greater level of power still!
・I sentence you to a despair and terror befitting of your wicked crimes.
・Your anger feels simply incredible!
・Seems you’re not done after all.
・What is the meaning of this nonsense?

Evolution Stage 4: Fused Zamasu, Fused Zamasu (Half-Corrupted)
・I can feel it…Two glorious and unparalleled powers, dissolving into one within me…
・All those who my light shines upon shall be obliterated.
・Your time is up.
・Heh heh heh… Righteousness shall reign across the cosmos.
・You will never best me you filthy mortal!
・Blasphemous fool! You continue to defy a god?!
・I do what I must for the good of the cosmos… For creation!
・How dare you… strike a god?! And retaliate against justice?!


  • Sale period and content is subject to change without notice.
  • Please check the shop screen regarding the sale period for item sets.
  • Please check the shop screen to confirm how many TP Tokens or Zeni are required to purchase the items.
  • The items available in sets will still be available for purchase separately after the discounted sets are no longer available.
  • After the above sets are no longer available, new sets with different names and content may be made available for purchase at a later date.
  • Custom voices for Raiders other than Cell, Frieza and Buu can be used after the corresponding Raider has been purchased.