2024/03/15 [Season 5] Info For New Shop Items (3/14 PDT | 3/15 CET)

New items have been added to the shop as of 3/14/2024 PDT | 3/15/2024 CET!
Keep an eye out for any items that catch your fancy!
*Items with no listed sale period will be purchasable until the end of Season 5.

Amazing Deals on Items!

✦Saiyan Day Special Set

In commemoration of Saiyan Day, a special set with tons of items has arrived!
It’s limited-time only, so don’t miss your chance!

Sale Period: Until 3/21 22:59 PDT | 3/22 06:59 CET

✦Saiyan Day Zeni Special Set

In commemoration of Saiyan Day, a set with items that can be purchased with Zeni has arrived!
This one’s also only available for a limited-time, so check it out at once!

Sale Period: Until 3/21 22:59 PDT | 3/22 06:59 CET

✦Vegeta’s Pink Shirt Outfit Costume Set

A bargain set featuring Vegeta’s casual attire!

▼Set Contents
・Vegeta’s Pink Shirt Outfit: Top
・Vegeta’s Pink Shirt Outfit: Bottom
・Vegeta’s Pink Shirt Outfit: Feet
*Individual parts can be purchased separately.

✦Bardock’s Battle Suit 3 Costume Set

A bargain set containing Bardock’s cool combat clothing!

▼Set Contents
・Bardock’s Battle Suit 3: Top
・Bardock’s Battle Suit 3: Bottom
・Bardock’s Battle Suit 3: Arms
・Bardock’s Battle Suit 3: Feet
*Individual parts can be purchased separately.

Other Items

✦Keychain: Nappa Keychain

The Nappa Keychain previously included in the Season 2 Dragon Tier rewards is coming to the Shop for a limited time!
Don’t miss it!

Sale Period: Until 3/21 22:59 PDT | 3/22 06:59 CET

✦Emote: x100 Big Bang Kamehameha

Wanna feel like Super Saiyan 4 Gogeta?

✦Emote: Final Explosion

Recreate that incredible Vegeta scene!

✦Emote: Play Dead

Fool your enemies with this masterful acting!

✦Emote: Fruit of the Tree of Might

Do you think it’ll beef up your power level?

Emote: Spirit Bomb

Can all this energy lead you to victory…?

✦Emote: Spirit Bomb Co-Op (One Hand)

Share your energy with a friend in need!

✦Emote: Spirit Bomb Co-Op (Both Hands)

If you use it with your friends, it’ll definitely improve your teamwork!

✦Victory Pose: I…

Keep cool and imitate Vegeta!

✦Custom Voice: Vegeta

Evolution Stage 3: Vegeta
・If you don’t show yourself right now, I’ll reduce this place to ashes!

✦Custom Voice: Zamasu & Goku Black

Evolution Stage 1: Zamasu
・I shall usher in a world of undisturbed beauty.
・No matter. I’m so intoxicated by myself I don’t care if I have an audience.
・You don’t know when to give up, do you?
・You seem so intense, as if you’re not just stalling for someone.

Evolution Stage 2: Goku Black
・Oh… Jumping to Super Saiyan, are we?
・In order to shape existence into the beautiful utopia it was always meant to be, the mistake must be corrected.
・For a lowly animal you’ve come quite far.
・As a reward, I’ll show you how far I’ve come.
・You would love nothing more than to defeat me…

Evolution Stage 3: Goku Black (Super Saiyan Rosé)
・Your mind is too small. Your kind is incapable of understanding the grandeur of my success and the glory of my cause!
・Now, you’ll face my blade…
・I’ll admit, I didn’t think you were capable of reaching this level of power.
・I admit you’re impressive, but you’re still nothing more than an appetizer…!
・My fury runs deeper than any mortal mind could ever comprehend. Behold the strength of my divine wrath!
・And just like that, you’re overwhelmed again.

Evolution Stage 4: Fused Zamasu
・You have committed countless acts of humiliation against me… Transgressions that are punishable by death.
・Your arrogance has spelled the end of your Earth! Don’t you see?!
・Heh heh heh… Ha ha ha… Again, mortal? Again…?
・Repent of your arrogance!
・Your spree is over, primitive beast.
・No! You’re a mere mortal…!


  • Sale period and content is subject to change without notice.
  • Please check the shop screen regarding the sale period for item sets.
  • Please check the shop screen to confirm how many TP Tokens or Zeni are required to purchase the items.
  • The items available in sets will still be available for purchase separately after the discounted sets are no longer available.
  • After the above sets are no longer available, new sets with different names and content may be made available for purchase at a later date.
  • Custom voices for Raiders other than Cell, Frieza and Buu can be used after the corresponding Raider has been purchased.