2024/03/01 Request for Feedback Regarding Unfair and Disruptive Behavior, and Planned In-Game Measures

This is the DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS development team.

Currently, in order to preserve the integrity of gameplay during ONLINE MATCHES, if there are repeated connection interruptions or disconnections, the in-game system will consider it disruptive behavior and temporarily restrict matchmaking for that player.

As Crossplay is implemented and Ranked Matches are set to be held during Season 5, we intend to strengthen our countermeasures against unfair and disruptive behavior to provide a fair gameplay environment for all players.

You can check what kind of actions are considered an obstruction to fair gameplay via the REPORT PLAYER function. Moreover, if you see behavior matching any of the examples outlined below, please notify us using the REPORT PLAYER function on the Match Results screen.

  • Unnatural movement during matches that cannot be explained by connection/latency issues.
  • Taking advantage of bugs by frequently exploiting known issues to gain an advantage in the game.
  • Uncooperative or self-damaging behavior (deliberately shortening the match or granting an advantage to the opposing team)
  • Use of inappropriate names
  • We will investigate based on the received reports, and if the actions described are determined to be malicious, we will take measures to restrict that player’s matchmaking for a certain period during Season 5.
    *In cases of repeat offenders, we may indefinitely suspend access to the game.
    *We are unable to respond to inquiries regarding reports or individual cases.
    *We will investigate and take action on reports as we receive them, but we cannot guarantee action will be taken immediately after a report is made.

    In order to preserve an equitable and enjoyable play experience, we will endeavor to apply penalties to all players found using unfair actions or tools.

    We hope you continue to enjoy DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.