2023/03/30 [Season 2] Results Report

It has been one month since the start of Season 2, so we would like to share information about the current state of match results and the Survivor survival rate.
*Data is an average from 2/28 – 3/14 PDT (3/1 – 3/15 CEST)

Since one month from Season 2, Raiders victory rate is 57% and Survivors survival rate is around 48%. These numbers have remained consistent so far this season.
This reflects that the current balance between Raiders and Survivors is mostly in line with the game’s design, but there is still room for improvement in certain areas.

On the other hand, we have observed that Survivors have a tendency to select certain skills, so we plan to adjust various parameters on existing skills in addition to adjusting Raider abilities.
We are carefully considering how to implement these changes in a way that will allow Survivors more flexibility when choosing skills and coming up with strategy in the battle.

The maintenance held on 3/28 PDT (3/29 CEST) and Patch 2.5 will mainly fix issues that originated with the release of Season 2.
The adjustments mentioned above in this report will be implemented in a future update, so please stay tuned for more details.

We hope you continue to enjoy DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS.