2024/01/26 [Season 4] Info For New Shop Items (1/25 PST | 1/26 CET)

New items have been added to the shop as of 1/25/2024 PST | 1/26/2024 CET!
Keep an eye out for any items that catch your fancy!

Bargain Sets

✦Goku & Vegeta’s Snowsuit Costume Set

A new bargain costume set of Goku and Vegeta’s Snowsuits from the Dragon Ball Super: Broly movie has arrived!

✦Goku’s Snowsuit Costume Set

✦Vegeta’s Snowsuit Costume Set

✦1st Anniversary Zeni/Item Set Vol. 2

A special set of amazing items commemorating the 1st Anniversary that can be purchased with Zeni is now available!

Other New Items

✦Stamp: Now I’m MAD! (Goku)
✦Stamp: !!! (Gohan)

Two new stamps are here!

✦Emote: Divine Lasso

Dazzle everyone with your charm!

✦Emote: Sword of Hope

Strike a cool pose just like Trunks!

✦Emote: Burning Attack

This series of complicated hand movements will intimidate your foe. Maybe…

✦Emote: See ya!

Make your exit in style!

✦Costume: Lace-Up Boots (6 colors)

Perfect for the winter season!
These lace-up boots are available in six different colors!
*This costume is limited to Avatar Type B only.

✦Accessory: Maiden’s Bandana (5 colors)

Five different colors have been added to the shop!
Pick the one that matches your favorite outfit and show off your style!

✦Accessory: Sporty Sunglasses (6 colors)

Six different colors are available!
Pick your favorite color and get pumped up!

✦Backpack: Leather Scissor Case (6 colors)

A fashionable scissor case available in six different colors is available now!
Find the color that you like best!

✦Intro: Vegito’s “Bring It!”

Enter the battlefield with Vegito’s “Bring It!” hand gesture!

✦Victory Pose: Fold Arms

Bask in your victory like a true winner!

✦Custom Voice: Broly
New custom voices for Broly are here!
Enjoy finding different ways to combine your favorite lines from the exiled Saiyan!

Level 2: Broly (Rage)

Level 3: Broly (Super Saiyan)

Level 4: Broly (Full Power Super Saiyan)


  • Sale period and content is subject to change without notice.
  • Please check the shop screen regarding the sale period for item sets.
  • Please check the shop screen to confirm how many TP Tokens or Zeni are required to purchase the items.
  • The items available in sets will still be available for purchase separately after the discounted sets are no longer available.
  • After the above sets are no longer available, new sets with different names and content may be made available for purchase at a later date.
  • *Custom voices for Raiders other than Cell, Frieza and Buu can be used after the corresponding Raider has been purchased.