2024/01/01 DBTB New Year’s Oolong Photo Fest Underway! (Updated 1/8/2024 PST | 1/9/2024 CET)

The DBTB New Year’s Oolong Photo Fest is being held
as part of the Oolong New Year’s Campaign!

Upload screenshots of your Survivor wearing the event survivor skins to your social media!
If we get over 100 posts worldwide with the campaign’s hashtag, all players will get a gift of 30,000 Zeni!
Take all kinds of screenshots to try and get this amazing reward!


How to Participate

Equip your character with the event survivor skins and take pictures!
In addition to screenshots, we’ll also accept pictures of the game on your TV or monitor taken with your smartphone or camera!

Post screenshots during the campaign with the hashtag #DBTB_OolongPhotoFest

Campaign Period

12/31/2023 22:00 – 1/11/2024 21:59 1/18/2024 21:59 (PST) | 1/1/2024 07:00 – 1/12/2024 06:59 1/19/2024 06:59 (CET)


  • 30,000 Zeni
  • *Reward will be distributed to all players.


    ・Survivor Skin: Oolong
    ・Survivor Skin: Oolong (Vest)
    Photos taken with either of the above survivor skins equipped are eligible for this campaign.

    Please ensure avatars with the event survivor skin(s) equipped are inside the frame.
    Photos taken in Practice Mode are also eligible.
    Photos taken with other players are eligible.
    We will calculate the number of photos posted with the hashtag #DBTB_OolongPhotoFest


    ・Please ensure that usernames belonging to players who are not participating in your photo are not displayed in your posts. You can do this by setting Player Name Display to Video Streaming when taking a screenshot or editing the photo to hide the other players’ usernames.
    ・Please note that the following types of posts are ineligible for this campaign:
    1. Posts by players whose X profiles are not public.
    2. Posts that are deleted before the campaign ends.
    3. Posts that do not adhere to the terms & conditions.
    4. Posts that are otherwise deemed inappropriate by the management team.

    ▼Gift distribution

  • The gift is planned to be distributed around midlate-January 2024; however, this may change depending on circumstances.