2023/11/01 Season 4 Patch Notes 4.0 Page 1

The following updates have been implemented in the Season 4 Patch 4.0.

*As of October 31 (PDT) | November 1 (CET), the latest version for all platforms is as follows:

  • Update Data Ver.

Update Details

The New Raider “Broly” Arrives!

A super aggressive Raider who starts at evolution stage 2, and overwhelms Survivors with a multitude of powerful attacks.

If the Raider is Broly, Dragon Balls will not appear during the battle.
Instead, the new battle item, “Super Transphere”, will drop.

When using a Super Transphere, you can Ultimate Dragon Change into the form of a super warrior, and will be able to use that character’s abilities.
*Just like the Ultimate Change activated by making a wish to Shenron, your Limit Gauge won’t be consumed unless you take damage from the Raider’s attacks.

During one battle, after fulfilling the required conditions, 3 Super Transpheres in total will be sent by Trunks.
The character you can change into varies depending on the Super Transphere.

*Possible Character Changes*
1st Super Transphere: One of the following four – Goku (Super Saiyan), Goku (Super Saiyan God), Vegeta (Super Saiyan), Vegeta (Super Saiyan God)
2nd Super Transphere: One of the following two – Goku (SSGSS), Vegeta (SSGSS)
3rd Super Transphere: Gogeta (SSGSS)

Fight back by using Super Transpheres to borrow the power of Goku, Vegeta, or Gogeta!

New Battlefield “DANGEROUS GROUND” Arrives!

A special field that differs from previous battlefields with its variety of terrain gimmicks.
Take advantage of the gimmicks to gain the upper hand in battle!

New Key Visual

The key visual has been changed in honor of the first anniversary.
This impressive new design features Broly as the centerpiece, surrounded by the other new characters appearing in Season 4.

New Base BGM

A new piece of BGM has been composed and added to the game in honor of the 1st anniversary!
Log in and give it a listen!

Xenoverse Link Reward “Vehicle Skin (Gold Float)”

Play DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 on the same platform you’re playing DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS on to earn special rewards!
If you have DRAGON BALL XENOVERSE 2 save data, you can get the first anniversary gift “Vehicle Skin (Gold Float)”!
Don’t miss this special item!

Adjustments to ROLE SELECTION for Raiders

On the ROLE SELECTION screen in ONLINE MATCH, it is now possible to select “RAIDER”.
Selecting this option will match you exclusively as a Raider.

*Please be aware that it might take some time to find a match if many players select raider as their desired role.

Get Raider Matchmaking Priority when Purchasing a Raider!

Purchasing a new Raider will add 10 to your Raider matchmaking priority.
Having more priority increases your chances when selecting FLEX: RAIDER, making it easier to play as a Raider.
*This bonus only applies to newly purchased Raiders and does not apply to Raiders you already own.
*If an item is purchased that contains multiple new Raiders, all priority bonuses will be added at once in accordance with the number of new Raiders.
*The Raider priority will be granted immediately upon purchase.
Furthermore, once matched as a Raider after selecting FLEX: RAIDER, all owned priority will be consumed regardless of amount held.

Added Skill Point Reset Function

On the Skill power up screen, it is now possible to refund all skill points.
Reset your skills whenever and as often as you like, and customize them exactly to your preferences!

Additional Custom Voice Slots

The number of slots for custom voices has been increased from 4 to 8
Set your favorite custom voices to get into your role as a Raider like never before!

Super Warrior Spirit Conversion Rate Increase

The amount of Super Warrior Spirits you receive when obtaining a duplicate Transphere of 4★ or 5★ rarity has been increased.
4★ (before update) 900 → (after update) 1200
5★ (before update) 900 → (after update) 1500

Added Tutorials for New Players

In addition to the existing tutorials, new tutorials have been added for a number of functions such as using Transpheres.
Familiarize yourself with the world of DRAGON BALL: THE BREAKERS before jumping into battle!
*Will apply to players who begin from Season 4 onwards.

Added Manuals for New Functions

When new features are implemented, manuals related to those features will be added to the base.

Added Map/Enemy Raider Information Display Function

The Map will now display information on both the Survivor and Raider faction screens.
Furthermore, after a Raider character has been selected, the selected Raider will be displayed on the Survivors’ standby screens.
As a result, the time limit for selecting a Raider is now 30 seconds, and the READY state can no longer be cancelled.

Added Radar Types and Adjusted Appearance Rates

Level 2 & 3 versions of Civilian Radar and Power Key Radar will now appear.
As a result, the number of times Dragon Radar Lv. 2 will appear in one match has been adjusted.
Futhermore, in one battle, two of the three types of Level 3 radars will each appear once.
If Civilian Radar Lv. 3 and Power Key Radar Lv. 3 have appeared, Dragon Radar Lv. 3 will not appear in that battle.

Improvements to Signals and Addition of Signal Types

・Radar item design adjustments
Due to the implementation of Level 2 & 3 Civilian Radars and Power Key Radars, all Radar items have received design adjustments.

・Change Power design adjustments
Change Power S, Change Power M, and Change Power L designs have been adjusted for ease of identification.
*Change Power M can be obtained by successfully using the Active Skill “Thanks!” on a Change Power M vending machine with the new Survivor Skin “Cheelai”.

・Super Rocket Launcher and Super Cooldown Drink design adjustments
Designs have been updated to make it more obvious that they are high-level items.

・Dragon Ball amount display added
When multiple Dragon Balls are collected, the amount will now be displayed.

・Super Transphere signal added

Signals have been added for the Super Transpheres that appear when the Raider is Broly.
The Change Level will be displayed in the lower right.

Adjustments to the Display of Raider Signals During Battle

一Changes have been made to the design of the signal when a Raider is within a certain distance.

Main In-Game Adjustments and Specific Changes

  • The effects when placing a Power Key have been adjusted to make them more visible from a distance or when there is a large height difference.
  • The starting positions of Radar items have been adjusted on all maps
  • In order to keep the total number of Power Key Radars consistent, the number of Power Key Radar Lv. 1 that appear has been reduced
  • In MODE: PRACTICE, new items have been added to X area.
    *Change Power M, Civilian Radar Lv. 2, Civilian Radar Lv. 3, Power Key Radar Lv. 2, and Power Key Radar Lv. 3 may be used
  • The design of Change Power M vending machines has been changed
    *Only the design has changed, and there have been no changes to usage.
  • There have been changes to the advice offered in transmissions from Trunks
  • Unique sound effects have been added to the Vehicle Skins “Float” and “Frieza’s Pod”
  • To avoid clipping issues with the model, the costume item “Whis’ Outfit: Top” can no longer be equipped at the same time as the backpack equipment “Nylon Waist Pack” and “Leather Waist Pack”
  • Changes to some Dragon Change poses
  • When entering the base, “NEWS BOARD” will be displayed on screen, and it has been made easier to access
  • Due to the adjustment to the NEWS BOARD display, the positions of the Code Robo, Manual Robo, Mailbox Robo and Event Robo have been changed
  • Senzu Beans will now be dropped when a Survivor holding one is finished off by a Raider
  • Vehicles will no longer be attacked when a nearby Survivor uses an Item, Skill or Super Attack
  • Changes to some idle animations during certain Dragon Changes
  • When using the item “Yajirobe’s Katana” in midair, if your lockon target is in midair, you will move towards it, even if you are currently on the ground
  • When using the Active Skill “Get Out Here, Bubbles!”, Raiders spotted after Bubbles has appeared will also be targeted. Raiders discovered by Bubbles will also be spotted.
  • Certain Raider skills that generate a large explosion will now defeat Civilians caught in the blast:
    → Cell Evolution Level 4: Super Attack “Perfect Kamehameha”
    → Frieza Evolution Level 4: Super Attack “This Planet Will Die!”
    → Majin Buu Evolution Level 4: Super Attack “Assault Rain”
    → Vegeta Evolution Level 4: Ki Blast, Super Attack “Running won’t save you!”, Super Attack “Super Mouth Cannon”
  • Minor adjustments to the Survivor perspectives when finished off for the first time by Majin Buu and the Ginyu Force.
  • When the Raider is counterattacking against close-range attacks from Survivors using a low-level Dragon Change, it is now possible to cancel into an evasion or attack slightly earlier./li>
  • Shortened the time required for certain Raiders’ finishing animations
    → Cell Evolution Level 2: First and second time absorbing Survivors
    → Cell Evolution Level 3: First and second time absorbing Survivors
    → Majin Buu Evolution Level 2: First and second time absorbing Survivors
  • The speed boost given to Evolution Level 2/3 Cell and Evolution Level 2 Majin Buu when a Survivor is in their sights has been slightly decreased
  • Adjusted the Steam version’s mouse and keyboard input mode so that if the keybinds for “Transform/Super Attack” and “Super Attack 2” are pressed simultaneously, an Area-Destroying Move will not be activated.
  • When in the Shop, Dragon Tier, or Spirit Siphon screens, if you have insufficient TP tokens, you may move directly to the TP Token purchase screen.
  • Upcoming Changes

    Ranking System

    Gain ranking points based on the medals earned from the results of online matches!
    Compete to raise your rank during the ranking period!
    “Preliminary Ranked Matches” will be added in Season 4!
    Aim for Z rank!
    Get rewards based on the highest rank achieved during the ranking period!

    There is a special item for players who reach Z rank!
    Plus a special T-shirt for people who reach the highest possible rank of Z5!
    Wear these items with pride!
    *Rewards will be distributed at the end of the season.

    Wearing this is proof of your power!
    The ranking system is coming very soon, so stay tuned!


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