2023/06/01 Season 3 Patch Notes 3.0

The following updates have been implemented for Season 3.

*As of May 30 (PDT) | May 31 (CEST), the latest version for all platforms is as follows:

  • Update Data Ver.

Update Details

Set the opening of the Public Test Server (PTS) and the off-season period.

Prior to the start of Season 3, the Public Test Server (PTS) where players can try out new Raiders, Survivor Skins, and other content early and for free, will be available for a limited time.
You can join this event by selecting “Go to Public Test Server” from the title screen.
Also, the period between this patch going live and the start of the next season will be an off-season to give us time to prepare for Season 3.
*No new Dragon Tiers or Challenges will be added during the off-season.

We will release a separate update notice with more details on the PTS. Please check the link below once it’s available.
Season 3 Public Test Server Opens!

New Event Feature

We will be regularly adding limited-time events during this season where you can get rewards by clearing the events’ exclusive tiers.
Please wait for the upcoming in-game event notice for more details.

Knockback Gauge

The Knockback Gauge has been added for all Raiders.
With the addition of this gauge, the Raider will not knockback until the gauge runs out after getting a certain amount of attacks from Survivors.
*The Raider will not drop any Dragon Balls in their possession until they are knocked back.

Vehicle Skin Spec Update

We have updated the game so that if a player has a skin set for vehicles, that change will be reflected for existing vehicles on the map when they ride them.
Vehicles that have been left without a rider will revert to their default appearance after a certain period of time.
*If a player rides a vehicle with a different skin set by another Survivor, the appearance will change based on the settings of the current player riding it.
*Vehicles that have been brought into the game with special skills will not change.

Major In-Game Updates

    • Adjusted Spopovich to be treated as his own character when playing as Raider Majin Buu. He will now have his own health bar, like Nappa and other similar characters.
    • Adjusted the Raiders so that there is no delay after landing from a high position.
    • Fixed the animation for when the effect from the “Flames of Mt. Frypan” active skill disappears.
    • Slightly lowered the amount of damage from the “Justice Rush” Super Attack to be in line with similar super attacks.
    • Along with the implementation of the Knockback Gauge, the damage for the “Full Power Energy Blast Volley” Super Attack has been lowered.
    • Regarding the Escape Time Machine and Signal Beacon that appear during the Search Phase when there are only 3 or fewer Survivors remaining, if they are destroyed as a result of area destruction, they will now reappear depending on the remaining number of areas and Survivors.
    • Adjusted the signal display so it won’t disappear over time.
      *If a new signal is used, the previous signal will still disappear as always.
    • For objects that require players to hold down a button to interact with them, the interaction will now begin if they hold down the button when they are near the object.
    • Regarding the Raider Eradicator medal in battle results, the experience points gained when scoring a Knock Back on a Raider have been increased.
      *Adjusted due to the addition of the Knockback Gauge.
    • Backpacks can now be equipped on costumes where they previously could not be used.

Fixed Content

  • Fixed an issue in which Raider Nappa becomes able to move in a diagonal direction at a higher speed than intended after using the “Plant Saibaman” active skill while placed in a slanted position by an attack or other effect.
  • Fixed an issue in which a close-range attack from Raider Nappa to a Survivor that is not in a Dragon Change state would not affect said Survivor, and then causes Raider Nappa to change to Raider Vegeta.
  • Fixed an issue in which Raider Vegeta (Great Ape)’s Ki Blasts would pass through the flame effect of the “Flames of Mt. Frypan” active skill when close to it.
  • Fixed an issue in which Raider Vegeta (Great Ape) could not execute any attacks after performing an evasive action mid-air until he landed on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue in which Raider Vegeta (Great Ape) sometimes could not use any terrain-destroying moves while walking on the ground.
  • Fixed an issue in which certain objects, such as vehicles, could not be ridden after Raider Vegeta used the “Running won’t save you!” Super Attack.
  • Fixed an issue in which a Survivor who has been KO’d twice and is transported to the inside of Raider Super Buu’s body at the same time Buu deals a finishing blow would still appear to be in a KO’d state if they managed to escape.
  • Fixed an issue in which a Raider could be damaged by a Survivor during the delay following an area destruction.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Raider was not invincible after receiving an attack from a Survivor of a lower level until the Raider completed a counter-attack action.
  • Fixed an issue in which the assist character from certain Raider’s active skills, such as “Summon Yamu” and “Call Nappa,” can pass through the flame effect for the “Flames of Mt. Frypan” active skill.
  • Fixed an issue in which the area where the flame effect for the “Flames of Mt. Frypan” active skill was deployed and where it appeared to players was different.
  • Fixed an issue in which the transformation from the “Power Unleashed” active skill was not cancelled after the player was caught in an area destruction.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Raider could involuntarily evade the repeated attacks from the “Symphonic Destruction” Super Attack.
  • Fixed an issue in which the “Super Electric Strike” Super Attack would activate twice if the Ki Blast hit the Raider.
  • Fixed an issue in which the amount of damage from the “Charge” Super Attack was the same regardless of the player’s Dragon Change Level.
  • Fixed an issue in which certain evasive actions for Transphere: Beerus were faster than other Transpheres.
  • Fixed an issue in which the cooldown time would not recover if the limit gauge reached 0 while using the “Grappling Device” active skill during Dragon Change, even if the player used a cooldown drink.
  • Fixed an issue in which the Raider’s icon would remain on the remaining Survivor’s screens if one of the Survivors disconnected from the match after locking onto the Raider.
  • Fixed various other minor issues.

Fixes and Adjustments Planned for Future Updates

We plan to implement fixes and adjustments to the following areas in a future update.
We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.
Thank you for your patience and understanding while we work to implement these changes.

  • There is an issue in which Raider Ginyu Force is listed as being on sale on the Raider Characters screen, even during the off-season.
    *This Raider will be added to the game following maintenance on 6/8/2023 (PDT) | 6/9/2023 (CEST).
  • There is an issue in which the “Landing Delay Nullification” skill unintentionally causes actions other than running to speed up.
  • There is an issue in which players can evade underwater with the “Fortuneteller Baba” Survivor Skin.
  • There is an issue in which players cannot select the Raider as their desired role on the Role Select screen.